Dr. Gurnam Virdi – Dealing with difficult patients (in aesthetic medicine)

Webinar Highlights

There are diverse range of patients with various psychological drives for change in appearance so there are so many different types of patients.

Communication is the key right from the start and you should establish rapport during the consultation process.

There are certain things that you should do when you first see the patient. Things like asking previous medical history, concerns, allergies and etc.

Under-promise and over-deliver results and you will see greater patient satisfaction.

Previous poor experiences or litigation, financial issues, OCD, unrealistic expectations are some of the red flags.

Challenging patients are important because they cause stress, complaints and litigation.

For managing the problem, show empathy, control your emotion and offer follow-up after a mutual agreement.

At some point you have to be confident enough to take even difficult patients. If you ask the right questions and communicate properly you can manage these patients too.

Complain policy and refund policy can help you with managing your patients. Complain policy is a good way to solve the problems internally.

Managing and communicating your patients are basic and important parts of the practice that everybody should learn.