Dr. Rancati – Consultation in Aesthetic Practice

Webinar Highlights

Consultation in aesthetic practice is so important. It is one of the most challenging tasks and maybe the key point when we start our treatment experience.

The intention of this presentation is to offer and share some tips that we use in Argentina which has a huge aesthetic medicine market.

As a doctor we all want to have a successful aesthetic practice but it is not just having skillful hands, you should also know how to run a business.

Today it’s not only a matter of having skillful hands. You must know technology, you must know about taxes and managed car, the atmosphere in your office, information about how to distribute your time, social media and so on.

You can be very well trained, you can have good results, but to be successful in this activity you must know how to run this business.

There are some objectives in the beginning:

You must focus and begin with the end in your mind.

Hard training is another step. You must know every detail in your topic.

Also you must deliver credibility. Credibility is something invisible. It is something the other person in your office should feel so you must deliver credibility.

Today it is impossible to be seen without marketing. But what is marketing?

Cosmetic medicine is a service not a product. If you understand why this is important and what is the difference it will be easy to be successful.

You must add value in the first consultation. The time, the manners you use to talk to them, the atmosphere in the office, the quality of the products and the reputation and credentials are all important.

There are thing that you should say and things that are turn off and you should avoid them. We will talk about them in this webinar.