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Advanced Skin Care Products


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Program Overview

This comprehensive online course will teach you to understand skin care product usage. Skincare products are an essential aspect of being a medical aesthetician. The advantages of having a good knowledge of skin care products include: Being able to recommend the best products for each client. Through this course, you can recommend the most appropriate products for each client based on their skin type, concerns, and goals, being able to customize treatments. Being able to build trust with clients: By having a good understanding of products and being able to recommend the best products for each client, a medical aesthetician can build trust with clients and establish a long-term relationship and Being able to increase revenue


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Medical-Grade Product

Sun Screen 

Learning Objectives

Skin Basics

Skin Basics

  • Function of Skin Care

  • Product Structure

  • Product Structure

  • Skin Cleanser

  • Skin Moisturizer

Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Physical & Chemical Sunscreen

  • Exfoliation

  • Whitening & Lightening Product

  • Exfoliation on Antiaging product

  • Naturally Extract From Animal

Anatomy Of Skin PREVIEW
Function of Skin Care
Product Structure
Lotion & Serum
Ointment & Foam
Product By Usage
Skin Cleanser
Cleanser Major Components
Gel & Foam
Cleanser Milk & Micellar Water
How To Select Skin Cleanser
Skin Moisturizer
Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF)
Occlusive Agent
How to select a moisturizer
Physical & Chemical Sunscreen
Definition of SPF
Consideration of Sunscreen
AHA As Exfoliac
AHA Different Usage
AHA Side Effect
Whitening & Lightening Product
Different type of Hyper pigmentation
Intrinsic & Extrinsic AgingDemo
Analysis Of Mature skin
Exfoliation on Antiaging product
Peptide & Lipid
Naturally Extract From Animal
Naturally Extract From Planet

The Botox® (Botox®️, Dysport®️, Nuceiva®️, and Xeomin®️) training course trains students to understand the bacterial toxin botulinum, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. Main topics covered in Botox® training in this course will be forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet. More advanced Botox® treatments is covered in other CBAM courses such as Advanced Injector: Advanced Botox® and filler course.

This filler training course ensures that the students learn the basics of dermal fillers, anatomical landmarks, major blood vessels in the face, danger zones, major fat compartments in the face, filler injection techniques and dealing with the complications of the fillers. Main areas are covered in this course will be midface and cheeks, nasolabial, and lip augmentation. Filler treatment for other areas such as jawlines, chin or non-surgical soft face lift is covered in the other CBAM courses such as Advanced injector: Advanced neurotoxin and filler course.

Step 1: Complete the online course

Step 2: Attend the Live Virtual session

Step 3: Pass the online exam

Step 4: Receive your certificate

All Levels of Physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, and international medical doctors and nurses are able to take this course.